The Rock Relies on You

You may never read this. There are so many words on the internet.
so much space to fill.
and so many people providing content.
endless content. all different sorts.
you know the kind.
and here is my own for you:

The “Rock” relies on you.

I remember when i was a little kid and Erasure and Depeche Mode were in my casette player. (My keyboard was attacked by the resident, Loft bird -Cockatiel-and my space bar doesn’t work well). Without Ashley Andreas (now, Mansfield) – and access to her older sister, Dawn, there would not have been any new age music for this one (pointing to myself). I love the feeling of discovering something new and beautiful, before the other smidgens of childrens do.

I’m listening to a website that is new to me, Indie Shuffle.
What I love about it is the fact that I can meet new indie bands, such as Alt-J, Leo*Leo, Les Sins, Bombay Bicycle Club, etc.

However, this website costs the artists money. The business model is genius.
The site offers uploads and features when paying $15 for a package of endorsements, etc.
The marketing doesn’t specify whether the traffic is coming directly from the US or from teeny tiny, non English speaking countries.
This is so important when one considers that bands are some of the poorest folks in the demographics. Promoting a band means hours of toiling and carefully planned budgeting. There are snakes everywhere trying to take advantage of artists that don’t know any better.
Making the statement:
“You will get 10,000 Eyeballs on your song ” equals the recipient hearing “I’m going to be famous because 10,000 people will tell at least one other and so on and so on”

That’s not how it works. Those 10K impressions are from Jakarta or the Maldives, if you’re lucky.
It costs the blogs 1.00 or .75.
You pay so many times over.
Very smart.

It’s my job to keep my musicians safe and so I’m writing this now. Hoping that you will skip across it sometime and it will help you.

The “Rock” relies on you – word of mouth. No different from Homer.


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