Leo*Leo – The Last of the Music Originators.

Most of the people i know want instant access to anything they have an interest in. When there is no access, well, the interest wanes often fading into the lap of something new. Rampant ADHD minds. I see it all on the train, buses, elevators as folks scroll through their telephones. i’m not the first to say it (Bob Lefsetz isn’t either). i won’t be the last. and i’m not judging, either. Simply observing. or am i?

“i don’t want to be alone in these moments” seems to be the prevailing thought.

and so how can a band be successful in this age of lacking loyalty? Seems people speed on by bands. Daily, i have people writing in on twitter or soundcloud sending me soundbytes from 11 different bands – per hour. By the end of the day i am engulfed by choice.
What sets them apart?

For me – i care about the individuals in the band and what they stand for in this world. i have to like them and respect them. is the music original or a rip off from a different era (for example the Black Keys sound so much like the late 1960’s rock and Lake Street Dive sound like so many predecessors).
i think SylvanEsso has some original thought in their album. Also, Nick is a totally down to earth cat. i’ll keep my eyeball on them. Frazey Ford is lovely, too. Nina Simone-ish…Mo-townish…Jazzzzzz a’ la Otis Redding style. I’d love to see Frazey Ford live for the experience.
The duo, Leo Leo, is credited for breaking ground in a genre developed by them, Nova Rock. A blend of soul, rock, and Bossa Nova. One can hear the influences there. But what makes me care about what these girls are saying in their songs? Do I care? Should I?
The truth is that they are talented women. However, i find myself more interested in their dorky exchanges often found on their you tube videos. What’s more – they make fun of one another and are less like hipsters – making them much cooler. They are coolsters, if you will.

Vanessa says “We are on all the things” when referring to social media. Sarah quickly bombards with the exact addresses for each – while looking at her bandmate with scathing, playful eyes. Vanessa breaks into song with a silly grin.
This is what makes them interesting. Their rapport skips between serious to giggling rabbits in a matter of seconds. Taking turns with these roles on and off the stage.
Ying Yangs.
This is what makes me want to help them sell their music, their custom scoring, their individuality.
Their music is different. Which may make it difficult for radio play – even though this is what radio may need to regain ground in the market.
They are someplace between Jazz and Soul with a sophisticated rock element. Nova Rock. Okay, i hear it. Take for example the song, “YOU” (listed below). Pay attention to the guitar tone quality – Jazz. The drum beats – bossa nova or reggaeton. Check out their version of ColdPlay’s “Magic”.

Find them here “On All The Things”

Website-Leo*Leo Official Website

Facebook – www.facebook.com/LeoLeoTheBand

YouTube – http://www.youtube.com/LeoLeoBand

Twitter – @LeoLeoTheBand

Soundcloud – soundcloud.com/LeoLeoBand

Instagram – www.instagram.com/leoleoband


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