Diamond Head

Overlooking, or Looking over, Diamond head crater located on the tip of Waikiki.  This is said to be the “most famous volcanic crater in the world” according to several Hawaiian tourist attraction web sites.  <—  i supposed that’s street cred enough?  It’s just beautiful.  i wanted to share with you a short clip of the shore, serene breeze, and the waves.  According to my brother, the featured glimpse of the foliage is part of a garden nurtured by senior citizens from the local community. There is no public funding.  I appreciate that kind of commitment to the community.
Maybe I can do this in El Paso?

It’s also one of the sickest breaks in Oahu when the swell is on. A few words from Jamie Sterling o surfing, too.  Then waves footage .

Checkit :  

If you’d like to nerd out about Diamond Head please click on the links below for history, etc.  Gina & Deb, you two will especiarry like to know deets.
go here :



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