Finding China’s Beaches

Every so often there is an opportunity to drive through Hainan Island in search of more surf breaks. Hainan is larger than any of the Hawaiin islands so nobody is convinced that we have them all mapped yet.

Therefore, Ryan and I took to the streets and got lost in the search for something new. We found a fantastic little beach, some local kids, and the enchanting coconut forest.
No break, however (cue the “BOoooOOo”).

It is always tempting to just upload the videos in their entirety (out of laziness, really) and allow you to scroll through at your pace. Instead, I’ve taken little slices for a short tribute to the day.

I will upload the conversation I had with the kids a little later on (provided the format conversion worksssssss).
They speak “Hainan Hua” which is not a recorded language and is the local ‘mother tongue’.

If you’re intrested in learning more about the surf culture here please read the following article:


or visit this site:



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