ok, i’m here so now what

RULE#1-  Do as the Asians do.

My first day in Goungzhou, the airline fed us at a local restaurant while we waited for the typhoon to pass.  All of my fellow passenger Chinese folk took the tea (that I thought initially was for drinking only) and they put it in their bowls and cups.  They dipped their chopsticks in the steaming tea boil and vigorously shook them around. Afterwards, they poured the contents back into a clear bowl.

I did the same thing.  The New Zealand and Australian gals sitting next to me laughed at the silly Mexican (i.e. me).

AUSSIE- “Why on eth aw you doeeng that fah?”

MEXICAN- “Because they did.”

KIWI- “I won’t be wasteeng tea on such things”

MEXICAN- “Okay.”

I was later told that most of those cups and chopsticks are not cleaned and, often, are dropped and rolled on the same ground where things are killed (making it the miniature equivalent of a roach beach resort).

RULE#2- Brown rice is not necessarily the healthiest choice in China

this lesson is a short one.  Basically, you can see the rat, mouse, cockroach shit in the white rice. The rice is so bleached and processed that any remnants of whytheeffisthisinhere feces is destroyed.  The bits that are not can be seen clearly amongst their pristine brothers and sisters.

The bag of brown rice i bought had 6 poops in one fetus sized cup (not the size of a fetus but imagine a fetus having to hold a cup made to scale).

Also, I didn’t count all the cup of rice so I’m certain there would be at least 10-12 P.O.P.s (Pieces of Poops) more.

White, in this case, is better than brown.

i do not heart Hanta Virus.

2 thoughts on “ok, i’m here so now what

  1. Very amusing and informative. Good things to know when and if I ever get to visit China. I am assuming this info applies to all of China. I’m curious to know if you have lost lots of weight on your current diet.

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